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Backend Development, My Newfound Love 🥰

in Backend Development · 3 min read

Hey gorgeous friend on the internet, just like DevEd will say :). Hope you’re doing great? It’s been a while since I wrote about my learning progress and I do not have a valid excuse because, come to think of it, I have completed a lot of seasonal movies between the last time I w ...

Journey of a Javascript Samurai S01 E01

in Javascript · 4 min read

I previously wrote a post here where I talked about how I recognized I had knowledge gaps and wanted to take action to work on myself. Here it is. Journey of a Javascript Samurai. I don't how I came up with this title😂. It just sounds like a cool movie title. The plan is to lear ...

Understand what the Internet is in less than 5 minutes🤓

in The Internet · 3 min read

What some of us think the Internet is For most of us today, everything we do revolves around the Internet. However, only very few people know what the Internet is (I used to be one of those guys). Some people think the Internet is some invincible thing that hangs on everyone's ro ...