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Backend Development, My Newfound Love 🥰

Ibrahim Alausa

Hey gorgeous friend on the internet, just like DevEd will say :). Hope you’re doing great? It’s been a while since I wrote about my learning progress and I do not have a valid excuse because, come to think of it, I have completed a lot of seasonal movies between the last time I wrote an article and this present moment. A LOT :). I’m trying to get that momentum back though, so let's move.🚀

I have always been in 2 relationships

So far in my career (about 2 years), I have worked as a “Full-stack” developer using Javascript and PHP. I know we have a lot of 10X engineers 😄 exceptional at Frontend and Backend, I am not one of them. I always do my best to exceed expectations on the task at hand irrespective of the stack and that’s how I have worked for almost 2 years.

Then I fell in love ❤️

At the beginning of this year, I had planned on diving deep into frontend development, bought courses, started learning a lot about CSS and Javascript, etc. Yet, I was working with PHP/Laravel and Lumen a lot at work. The content of the tutorials I watch, the articles I read changed to concepts that could contribute to making me write better code for the systems I was building at work. Then it happened, I fell in love with Laravel and PHP. I was not surprised.

photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

I spent a lot of time with PHP over the last 5 months, we shared moments of joy, confusion, and excitement and we got to know each other. Now, all I feel is the hunger to get to know more about PHP and Laravel because even if we see videos like “Is PHP dead is 20XX” on youtube at the beginning of every year, this technology keeps getting better.

My heart will go on

I recently got a job as a backend engineer at SeamlessHR which I am starting a few days from now and I am scared (the good kind) because the role is specific. The thing is, when I introduce myself as a backend engineer on Monday, there are some things everyone expects I should already know or be familiar with as a backend developer and that’s where the challenge (and learning opportunity) comes. This lack of broad knowledge on a particular stack is also one of the disadvantages of the “Full-stack” cap I have been wearing for almost 2 years.

Now, I will be spending a lot of time working with PHP, my new found love and trying everything I can to make sure we get to know each other better. The journey has started already since I’m currently taking the PHP Practitioner course on Laracasts, then I will move to Object-Oriented Programming which I’m very sure will give me a better understanding of how a lot of things work in Laravel. This is going to be an exciting journey 🎉 .

Will I still be in touch with my Ex?

photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

Of course, I will. I am not saying I am done with Javascript, CSS, and all other things concerning frontend development, NO. We can still chat or have late-night dates once in a while when necessary, but I will be spending more time with PHP.

It's a Wrap

Thanks so much for getting to the end :). Unlike me, If you are not searching for love or you enjoy working with a lot of technologies and stacks, that’s also cool. Just keep enjoying what you do.

Keep learning 💪🏿.